This time I wanted to challenge the kids to draw from nature. In the morning before the classes I collected several rowanberry branches on a trail along the Ottawa river. rowanberries

Rowanberry trees are traditional for a Russian countryside. To my surprise, they are also popular here in Ottawa. So, my task was to make these tiny berries appear in the kids’ drawings.

In the beginning, we talked about how rowanberry trees looked so nice and provided food for the birds.  Then I gave the branches to everyone. An immediate response was:

– Olga, can we eat the berries?
– No, only birds eat them.
– Can we try?
– They are quite bitter, lets draw them!
– Oh, but last time we ate the apples that we drew… (they got the tiny crab apples I brought last time). We like bitter (and sweet, and sour)!

I like that “we”  so much! Now I am convinced that if the students are promised to eat something, they are more interested to draw it, so sometimes we have a feast after the class.

Here are some of the kids’ works.

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