Order a Mural

I do murals around Ottawa and can drive as far as Montreal. If you’d like to hire me to paint a mural, please, send an e-mail or just call to my cell# 613-796-5312.  Usually we arrange a meeting and talk over all details. There is no charge for this consultation. I will give you a price range and if you agree in principle, prepare the sketches for the next meeting (there is a fee for the sketches ensuring customer’s commitment). After the sketches are approved we sign a simple contract that protects you and me and I begin to work. The pricing depends on the size and amount of the fine details.

This is an example how it worked for a daycare centre.

Before_300 Sketch300
Fig. 1. Room before the decoration Fig. 2. The sketch

Final_tukans750Fig. 3. The finished wall