Kids drew watermelons

I took a real watermelon and promised to the kids that we would eat it after the class. We were learning how to use different shades of green and enjoyed how two complimentary colours (green and red) look together. In the younger group we tried to draw circles and stripes (Fig. 1).  We added the face, hands and legs. Children liked adding red details to a their green watermelons. I asked 4 year olds (middle group) to draw a watermelon slice with black seeds (Fig. 2-3).  The preschoolers probably would be too bored with the same assignment and I gave them a complete freedom of imagination. The kids painted watermelon animals (Figs. 4-6), watermelon houses (Fig. 7-8), and a watermelon tea set (Fig.9). Instructions for the parents are here.

Fig. 1.  Watermelon man

Fig. 2. Watermelon with the slice and black seeds

Fig. 3. Watermelon under the sun

Fig. 4. Watermelon cat

Fig. 5. Watermelon bear cub (the author was very certain)!!!

Fig. 6. Watermelon fish

Fig. 7. Watermelon house

Fig. 7. Another house

Fig. 8. See-saw

Fig. 9. Tea set

This a link to the lesson’s instructions.

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