Lesson-3. Watermelon

Below are two lessons: drawing a watermelon and creative pictures using watermelon as an inspiration. The former is good for 3-4 year old students, the latter is more for preschoolers.

I did these activities with little kids in class, described here.

A watermelon

  1. We need a real watermelon. Let your child carefully look at it. It’s almost perfectly round.  We notice that there  it is light-green with dark-green stripes
  2. Start painting a circle with a round brush
  3. Paint the circle light-green
  4. Show how the stripes go from the top to the bottom of the watermelon (you can simply move your finger over the drawing)
  5. Paint dark-green stripes over the light-green (with tempera or watercolor we have to paint darker shades over lighter ones!)
  6. Bonus. Cut the watermelon and  paint a  slice beside the drawn already  watermelon, enjoy green and red colors together
  7. Eat the slice!

Fig. 1. How to draw a watermelon

Getting creative with watermelons!

What can be done from watermelons? Let you child imagine a house colored like a watermelon, or an animal.  I am sure the artist can invent something completely different. My contribution to the subject is a watermelon boat, shown in Fig.2!  This game develops  creativity and thinking outside the box. Many more examples are here.


Fig. 2. Creative watermelons

General notes: remind your child to use the whole available space, do not forget to ask for the colours names! Good luck.