Lesson-1. Lizards

Kids just love them and make amazing works!   I put some photos in my blog.
Before actual painting you can read to your young artist from a book about lizards with pictures, tell a short story or show some images from the Internet. I even made a watercolor lizard for my older students and used it for youngsters for inspiration.
Fig. 1.  A lizard
Now let’s look at a lizard:
  • It has a head, a body, a tail, and legs;
  • The tail is long and thin at the end;
  • The legs are short with paws having three fingers.

To paint a simple lizard you can show kids a simple sequence (see Fig.2). We do not need a pencil: just draw a thin circle  using a round brush and paint inside using a square brush.


Now let your child think where this lizard is, where it goes, what it eats, who its friends are… And now he or she is free to paint.  The colours are of the child’s choice (ask to name the colours though!) . Good Luck!

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