Peter's birthday


My small budgie’ just turned 7. She likes to sit around the window and look at the backyard. She likes to listen to birds songs and tries to follow them. This year the spring was late and Peter entertained herself throwing a welcome birthday party.

Self portraits


This time I asked kids to do a self portrait. I told them not just to paint themselves but also draw a pet or an imaginary friend or their favorite object. We started with using permanent markers for an outline and then paint with tempera.

. . . → Read More: Self portraits

Drawing a bunny


We drew bunnies right after Easter weekend. I had a basket with plush toys for inspiration. We agreed to draw long ears and colorful Easter eggs. As usual, kids worked in small groups for as long as they were interested. The featured painting was done by a three year old girl. That day she came . . . → Read More: Drawing a bunny

Painting Dogs


Now it was time to paint dogs. I did a few pencil sketches to show how different the dogs could be and was amazed how far more different and colorful they came out! For this lesson we used tempera blocks. Just a reminder for parents, the youngsters do not need to use pencils. Let them . . . → Read More: Painting Dogs

Emily's spring painting


Emily who is my art student for many years has finishes her beautiful spring painting. It’s acrylic on canvas 20”x 16”. It has been challenging to paint the blooming trees but finally it turned out really good. Congratulations!

Butterfly garden


Today was raining cat and dogs. Snow was quickly melting and kids were dreaming for the spring. We were thinking that many colorful flowers will would attract beautiful to our garden. Kids used tempera blocks and acrylic colors for bright accents. At the end they could decorate their gardens with bright plastic beads. Here they . . . → Read More: Butterfly Garden

Painting Giraffes


After many requests from the audience, we painted giraffes. Look at lovely and happy creatures kids created using tempera blocks on 11”x 15”watercolor paper. Even the little ones created colorful backgrounds for their giraffes.


Brass kettle


Let’s fantasize about a brass kettle! It has a beautiful color and shape. Kids painted the kettle adding any details they’d like. This is the kettle I’ve just bought in the Value Village

Old MacDonald had a band mural


I was ordered a mural “Old MacDonald had a band” for a little boy. It was such an unusual and interesting task!

And this is zoom in

Drawing raccoons


Raccoons, raccoons. Everybody was free in choosing colors but has to paint a striped tale and black spots around the raccoon’s eyes.