Welcome to PaintingWithOlga.com!

This site is about my art and teaching kids of all ages how to paint, things I like and enjoy the most.  Please browse my gallery of paintings and murals. I hope you find something that will bring sunshine to your day as I am always happy when painting.

In my paintings I strive to show the beauty of life through simple, ordinary objects. Anything can be a source of inspiration: flowers growing in the backyard, quicksilver Ottawa river and distant Gatineau hills that I see every day, or an old copper kettle bought in a village antique store. I like to travel and take my paints with me. I admire excellence of the old Masters and live colours introduced by impressionism.

On this website I’d like also to share some of my experience as an art instructor. I am going to publish several art lessons designed either for parents of 3-5 years old kids or for anyone interested in drawing. The materials are free for your personal enjoyment.